What devices are compatible with the Shopmium app?

The Shopmium app is compatible with:
- iPhone 5 and after (iOS 9.0 minimum)
- Android: version 5.0 and after (auto-focus mandatory on your device), except for small screens (ldpi or low resolution). The number of pixels must be 470dp x 320dp or higher.

The smartphone must have auto-focus. This is a feature on all iPhones, however, some Android phones do not have it. The auto-focus is required to claim cashback since it is used to scan the product barcode.

If you have a device with a camera that does not have auto-focus (i.e. iPod, iPad), you can visit barcode-generator.org to type in your UPC and generate a barcode in a bigger format to scan.

If you don't have a compatible device, note that you can still use our website, where most offers are also available :)