How does My Selection work?

The ‘My Selection’ feature allows you to add your favourite offers to a virtual basket so that you can easily find them when you’re shopping in store or when the time comes to request your cashback :)

Please note, offers do not have to be added to your Selection to be claimed!



How can I add an offer to my selection?

Simply go the the offer page and select “Add to my Selection” and voila!


You don’t have to do anything else, feel free to add or remove offers from your Selection at any time while the offer is still ongoing.


Can I "book" my cashback request?

Unfortunately no :(

Adding an offer to your Selection does not mean you have priority over other users. If the offer expires, having added it to your Selection  won't grant you a special access to requesting your cashback.


How long does an offer stay in my Selection?

An offer will stay in your Selection for as long as you want or until 3 days after the offer ends. If the offer has ended but you’ve bought the product during the eligible time period, you still have 3 days to request your cashback straight from your Selection. But hurry up :)