Shopmium Club

The Shopmium Club rewards loyal users of the Shopmium app :)
By following a few steps, users can move up the club levels to access exclusive rewards!

How can I unlock the Silver/Gold level?
Head over to your profile under the Shopmium Club heading: everything you need to do to unlock the next level or maintain your current one can be found here!

Please also note only cashback requests made through the Shopmium app count towards your next level :) So make sure to submit your next cashback requests through the app!

Is it possible to drop a level?
Once you reach the Silver level, this is kept forever and will never be lost! On the other hand, for the Gold level, you must submit at least 1 cashback request every 30 days. If more than 30 days pass between cashback requests, you will drop down to the Silver level.

I have enjoyed offers in the past, will these affect my level?
Only actions taken on your account from January 7th, 2019, when the Shopmium Club launched, will count towards your level! These actions will remain registered for an indefinite duration, however, all actions taken before this date will not be taken into account.

How does the birthday offer work? 🎂
If you reach the Gold level, an exclusive offer will appear on your app on your birthday! You will then have 14 days to redeem it. Please note, it's not possible to have more than one birthday offer per year. For the greedy ones among you, changing your birthday will not work, sorry ;)

I've made more than the requested number of cashback requests (on the app), why have I not reached the next level yet?
When you are awarded a certain level in the Shopmium Club, your previous cashback requests will not count towards your progress for the next level. Also, if you unlock a level by requesting your cashback for several offers at a time, only your next cashback request will start counting towards your progress for the next level.
In short, for each level, a new set of criteria will need to be met before you can level up and reap the rewards of the next level :)

My old Shopmium account has been deleted
If you create a new Shopmium account, have made a second one by mistake or have deleted a previous account, it is unfortunately not possible to merge your accounts to unlock a certain level for the Shopmium Club :(